Biopolymer production from wastewater
flow for a cycle-oriented urban water management

Project staff of the TU Kaiserlautern have published an article in the June issue of "Wasser und Abfall", the magazine of the Bund der Ingenieure für Wasserwirtschaft, Abfallwirtschaft und Kulturbau (BWK) e.V. (Association of Engineers for Water Management, Waste Management and Cultural Construction). From the point of view of RUN, the first results of an acidification of black and brown water are shown and compared with industrial wastewater.


In laboratory experiments, primary sludge, brown water, black water, brewery and dairy waste water were anaerobically acidified to obtain short-chain organic acids that can be used as substrate for biopolymer production. Based on the acidification results of the respective wastewater streams, potential estimates of biopolymer production capacity for Germany were carried out. 

Thomas Uhrig M.Sc., Julia Zimmer M.Sc., Florian Rankenhohn M.Sc., Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heidrun Steinmetz (2020): Biopolymerproduktion aus Abwasserströmen für eine kreislauforientierte Siedlungswasserwirtschaft, In: Wasser und Abfall, Issue 6/2020.

Department of Resource Efficient Wastewater Treatment

the University of Kaiserslautern

Publication in "Wasser und Abfall"

June 2020